Does anyone know whatever happened to:

Two members from GW: Bamboo Rabbit and Melikeeatplants?

Bamboo has his own website mainly about figs but also blueberry. It started about the same time as here. There were a couple of groups that split off from figs for fun on account of personality issues. He’s got about 300 fig varieties and growing. There’s big money in exotic fig varieties and he’s involved. Figs are nice for that because there are thousands of varieties and only a handful patented.

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Bamboorabbit now goes by WillsC and runs the OurFigs forum.

I see Melikeeatplants post at GW every so often.

It is difficult to tell others about Growingfruit in that forum. Houzz usually blocks or removes the post.

Mrs G,

I was wondering the same thing regarding MileHighGirl from GW. Where did she go?

Mile High posted photos of her orchard being dug up as I recall. She did say she had it with her zone and problems growing fruit. Bamboorabbit was very knowledgeable. Melikeeatplants had the most amazing passion fruit growing on a very large trellis. It was fantastic! Thanks Matt, Mamuang and Ampersand and Fruitnut!

That is interesting, that there is money in figs. Had no idea. 300 varieties is not a small amount. Hmmmmm

Too bad. She was the person closest to me in zone and experience level. I experienced the same crop failures.

I took Harvestman’s and Eric from Dane County’s advice and moved on to more reliable fruits for my area: raspberries and grapes. Not what I had in mind, but good.

Is Eric still around by the way? His steady counsel was always welcome.

And what about CarlainSac? We haven’t heard about her, either.

Has anyone invited ImSuperman, from Dave Wilson Nursery Forums, to growingfruit?

i think she might go by sautesmom if its the same person. shes on CF also

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There are a lot of people who don’t post here because they see people being attacked for advocating organic. I am one of them.
John S

I am soory to hear this. I like to read others’ experience and opinions. We do not have to agree witn one another but we should be civil and respectful.

I hope you and other organic forum members continue to post. Don’t forget the founder of this forum is an organic grower, too.


Thanks mamuang.

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I noticed that @Richard never posts anymore.Last seen Sept 7th.

You are posting and perhaps presuming (from what information comes your assertion of a lot of people feeling as you do?). People may take offense to challenges that are not attacks by reasonable standards. The tone of this forum is much more civil than the old Garden Web,IMO, but without a certain amount of controversy, discussion can become bland and the forum full of a lot of faith based nonsense- no matter what “camp” it comes from.

You can avoid the discomfort of being confronted with differing opinions by sticking to a forum of like-minded people. Scott seems to understand the benefit of having a wide range of opinions and perspectives on a forum. It is what makes it genuinely interesting and informative to me as well.

As for myself, I employ a lot of organic methodology where I find it adequately effective but will denounce procedures that have failed me. The less poison we need to use for “adequate” harvests the better.


This is an example of why I, and yes others who have told me specifically why, they don’t post here either.
John S

If that is an example of a lack of civility to you than maybe you shouldn’t be here. I am only sticking up for a forum that I like a great deal and you criticized with a lack of specificity.

I read your previous posts to see where you drew offense and couldn’t find anything, but everybody has their own vantage point.

It is ironic that you post about how don’t post instead of simply not posting. I’m genuinely sorry if your feelings were hurt. .

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John, very glad you are here, keep on posting.

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John S,

Sorry, but real life does not give one a"safe zone" in which no one has a differing opinion. Such a zone would not be “safe” but would rather be a mind atrophying dead zone trap.

I just don’t get the concept of shutting down because my ideas or opinions are challenged.

Being so thin skinned that it keeps you from standing up for and defending what you believe in, is your loss.

But please keep posting.