Does CCPP still offer Shiranui / Dekopon budwood?

Does CCPP still offer Shiranui / Dekopon bud wood? I don’t see it on their list -

Useful info - I found detailed instructions here on ordering disease free budwood from California’s Citrus Clonal Protection Program -

Were you able to get an answer please? I’m looking for the same thing. Thanks!

When I posted the above question, they were out of bud wood. But it became available after a few months… If you call them and ask, the are very helpful and will let you know when it’ll be available next.

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Does anyone know where I can get a Sumo Mandarin tree or Dekopon Mandarin tree or Shiranui Mandarin tree in Southern California? I can’t seem to find them anywhere. I’d be grateful for help.

at this point, your only option is to get a rootstock and graft your own with budwood from CCPP. I have no idea why Fourwinds is not offering this variety as it is clearly very popular.

It looks like I may have found them, if this turns out to be real:


I was able to find and order one through Georgia Grown Citrus. Just be advised that it’s a small tree they ship (1-2 feet).

*Sorry @iandyer, I just realized you wanted one in SoCal and GGC doesn’t ship there.

That’s ok. Thanks for the help, Scooter! Someone not in CA may read this and get them from there!