Does clicking reply on a comment notify the comment poster?

As the subject line suggests, it’s not clear to me if clicking reply on a comment notifies the poster as one would expect it to.

There’s been a few times where I’ve gone in a thread to see that someone replied to my comment without me being notified. There’s also been one or two times that I replied to a comment in an active discussion and the poster didn’t see it - because they later asked a question which I already answered in my reply to them. Not sure if I also need to do the @user_name_here thing every time so that the person is notified.

Additionally, is there a way to see who replied to what comment and also vice versa what reply belongs to what comment? It tells me who I am replying to when I create my comments but then that information is not displayed in the thread.

Side note: The thread software that you have here is WAY better than any I have ever seen. Seriously, 10/10

Go down to the bottom of the thread, you will see an icon that says “Normal”, which means you will be notified if someone mentions your @name or replies to you. You can change that by clicking on the icon and selecting another option.

But, I have also noticed that when I reply to a particular poster (and not just posting a thread at the end), it doesn’t show up in the thread, but does when I edit the post. So there’s that issue.

Yeah my default is set to “Tracking”. I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with my replies showing up and I always use the reply to comment button.

Maybe @scottfsmith could comment?

It could be someone clicked on the blue reply box at the very end of the thread, thats to reply on the thread not to the last comment. You need to click on the grey box on the last comment in the thread for it to count as a reply to that comment. This only applies if your comment was the last one before their reply. Thats about all I can think of why you didn’t get the notice, by default you get notified of any (grey button) replies. This distinction between the blue and grey reply at the bottom is subtle, often I myself don’t hit the proper one.

BTW I hit the blue one here since I’m replying to you not subdood who has the last post… so I’ll @dimitri_7a it to make sure you get a notice (you should anyway since you started this thread, you are probably watching it).

I just started seeing this below, so if you haven’t changed anything then it might be my fault for not noticing it and/or people confusing the two reply buttons.

Not sure if you have the power to fix this but could changing the text on the reply buttons to “Reply to Comment” and “Reply to Topic” fix this confusion? I don’t want to make things more complicated so if you even slightly think this is unnecessary then forget I even asked - I will just start using the @user_name_here call out on every reply.

If you hit the grey button it should always work, there should be no need to do the @ thing. There is no way to change the wording, for some reason the button to actually post the reply (at the very bottom as I type a reply now) is customizable but not the one on the main page…

PS I changed nothing recently in the configs.

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That’s happened to me, in that I reply using the gray, and not the blue, reply button, and I don’t see the reply to user icon in the upper right of my post like Dimitri showed. But when I go in to edit the post it shows it in the edit window.

Like now, I replied to Scott specifically, and it doesn’t show in my post.

The system doesn’t show the user replying to above the post if you reply to the last comment… it probably should but my guess is people were mis-using the two buttons when replying to last comment, so they turned that off. The system is still remembering grey vs blue which is why you see it when you edit. Also for the notifications they will come if the person hit the grey button.

If there is a reply you don’t get a notice on I can always peek and see what button they pushed, my guess is it will be blue.

Ok then, I’ll post something to Dimitri since his latest post isn’t the last one.

Just a test.

Thats odd… showed it on the last post! And not for me (I hit grey). It might be because you did two in a row there.

OOPs… no I forgot you were not replying to the last post so of course it will show it!

OK, that worked like you said Scott.

At any rate, no big deal. Thanks for looking into it.

No problem! I also just noticing when hovering over the two buttons the tooltip message is different - its reply to post (“post” in their terms means a single comment) for the grey button and its reply to topic for the blue button (topic is the whole thread).

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Well, I guess that this would be the right thread for questions about notifications—mine being: is there a reason I’m no longer receiving any e-mail notifications of personal messages and forum post replies? I’ve always had “Live Notifications” enabled on my “Preferences” dashboard and an active e-mail address entered into my account. I’ve checked my spam filter, too—so they’re not ending up there. I simply stopped getting notifications some weeks ago. I sometimes get busy and don’t log in here for good stretches; I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m ignoring them when I’m just not aware that there’s a conversation.

I checked the mail logs and it it not delivering messages because it says you marked them as spam. Can you go into your spam box on Yahoo and search for growing fruit and mark any there as not spam? Hopefully that will fix it. The problem is a lot of these end up in the spam by default because the spam heuristics can be off, you might not have explicitly marked any.

In general, if anyone has any growing fruit emails in their spam box it can hurt delivery for everyone as they can assume that it is spam for everyone. For people that don’t want the messages turn them off here, don’t let them go to your spam box. Thanks!

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Scott, thanks for looking into this. I have been checking my spam box. Nothing there from I didn’t get a notification for your reply to the above message either—neither in the inbox nor in the spam box. I’ve even stopped receiving the “Summary” messages. I would never have marked forum e-mails as “spam.”

Just some Yahoo screwup probably, and probably not much to be done, save getting another e-mail address.

Hm, it looks like the sending site we use, Mailgun, was in fact surpressing them since Yahoo sent them a notice they were spam. I found I could explicitly delete that suppression. So, you should get the emails again. Please make sure they are all marked as non-spam for awhile here, thanks. Also check the spam folder to see if any are going there.

In general anyone with a Yahoo email let me know if you are missing notices and I can delete your suppression as well. I looked at the suppression list and they were almost all Yahoo.


Thanks, Scott! :+1:

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