Does hot pepper spray repel japanese beetles?

In fighting vorcaious Japanese beetles on fruit trees like Plums and Cherries, one organic gardener recommended spraying these fruit trees with hot pepper spray (distilled solution from hot chili peppers and jalapeno peppers) in in mid-June to prevent these Jap. beetles from being attracted.
I have read also Neem oil will do the same thing.
Has anyone here had success with such a spray?
I tried knocking them a bucket of soapy water early in the morning, spraying kaolin clay and diatomaceous earth and neem after they attacked the trees but it seemed to have only modest impact.

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I think capsaicin is most effective against mammals. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of it being an effective deterrent for insects, adult or immature stages.

Edit: If I recall correctly, Japanese beetles are attracted to pheromones and scents – e.g. the smell of other beetles, of injured/stressed plants. Are you also trapping the beetles? If so, I would dispose of the traps. They are just attracting more beetles to your area.

I grow smart-weed to attract the beetles and knock them into a bucket of water. If you have a smart-weed they will not eat anything else an will over run you smart-weed.