Does imidan wp 70 need a sticker?

hello everyone
I bought some imidan wp 70 and am curious what the proper way to mix it. i’m mixing 1 tbs per gallon but should i add horticultural oil to stick on the trees? and immunox?

I’ve never used a sticker with imidan and have never had an issue and get great results

thank you

Quick update. I just used imidan with a sticker for the first time ever. (!!!).

There was a short break in what looks to be 4 days of straight rain so I ran out and sprayed my peaches for the first time this season with captan and imidan. I added a sticker to the tank to try to improve my chances of getting the chemicals to work (and stick).

But I have no idea if spraying wet fruit minutes before the rain re-starts will have any effect.

What is the name of the sticker you used? I’m spraying my apricots tomorrow morning, i’ll have 3-4 days of sunshine and the petals have all fallen. My peaches still have a few flowers i will have to spray them later on in the week.

I’m using something called Turbo only because it’s he brand they carry in the local stores.

It seems that most people on this site use Nu Film 17. They sell it by the gallon and it seems kind of expensive, but it may not be compared to the little bottle that I got for 10 bucks or so.

I can only get it by mail order which will certainly increase the price but I think I’m going to get some when I run out of Turbo.

thanks, good to know. I’ll be looking for some nu film 17, prob find it on amazon or ebay.