Does the size of a plum really matter?

I’m probably altered for the remainder of my life. Since I started reading and participating in this forum I absolutely cannot go to any grocery store without looking through the fruit section. Today was no different as I looked through the fruit at my Winn-Dixie store I noticed a few extremely large plums listed as red plums. These plums were 4" high x 3.5" wide and weighed about pound each. I brought one home for a taste test and it turned out to be a pretty good. Is this a big plum or am I just easily impressed? Bill

That’s a huge plum. But huge usually means subpar quality compared to the same plum grown under conditions more conducive to high quality. Also in every fruit I’ve grown the biggest fruited cultivar isn’t the best quality.

Four inches is a big peach much less a big plum.

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The largest J. plum I grow here is Ozark Premier, which can get silly big and is still a very nice plum. It has a meaty texture that I find very appealing.

Maybe that is a Fortune plum, although the photo does not look like Fortune’s flesh. A camera lens can be misleading. Fortunes are big here, so I suppose with irrigation in CA they could get that big. I’m sure they are growing varieties there I’m not familiar with.

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