Donut peaches

I had a Saturn flat peach from Starbros and a TangOs. My children liked the sweet low acid Saturn a little better than TangOs. I thinned the Saturn real hard to get a bigger fruit this year.



Those are very nice sized , good looking peaches. I really like the foliage and fruit on flat wonderful which fruit wise appears similar. As always I’m impressed with the fact your peaches look perfect. I’m plagued with brown rot and spray the peach trees regularly. What’s your secret?


I have a Saturn planted last year that gave me 3 fruits this year! The 1st was stolen by squirrel around harvest time in July. The 2nd was picked a bit early and the 3rd was picked at prime ripe time. It’s definitely low acid but a bit bland to me, not much peachy flavor.

Is yours just harvested? Mine was done since late July. Interestingly with local micro-climate effects, it has everything to do with fruit readiness schedule. And we both locate in zone 5!


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Omaha had some humid days but not as bad early this summer. I protected the Saturn and TangOs a little different this year. I took the plastic food wrapper and wrapped several peaches plus the branch and punched some holes with a small nail to release the heat. No MFF spray this year.

I harvested the peaches in late July also. I just had some extra time at the Hotel on a business trip to post the result. Btw, I covered the base of the peach trees about 6 feet wide with a Home Depot tarp for water restriction and to prevent my sprinklers watering the trees so the fruits were not taste bland. Just a little extra work but a sweeter fruit.


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It looks great. I ordered a tangOS from ACN for next spring. So which one has better taste, tangOS vs Saturn?


I really like Saturn as do many others that have tried some of them. My kids love them. For me they are on the early end of things so that really helps get rip fruit earlier then most of my stuff. I planted mine in the ground this spring (after being in a pot for many years)…mine put on a lot of growth.

I like a ripe TangOS better, but they both are great imo. Very different.

Perfect Tony!

I agree completely. We’ve harvested TangOs for several years, but this is the first year we harvested Saturn. Customers really liked both of them (if you could get them to try them).

Based on one year’s experience with Saturn, Saturn is much easier to raise than TangOs. The weather has to be pretty much perfect to get clean fruit on TangOs, but Saturn looked beautiful this year (foliage and fruit) despite torrential rains. Some have mentioned Saturn is prone to brown rot, but it wasn’t a problem this year. But this is with a commercial spray program.

Be aware Adams County lists Saturn ripening +3 and Galaxy ripening -3 on their website, but that’s a misprint. It should be reversed. I spoke with an Adams rep, and he agreed, although this year Saturn was more like -7, not -3.

For a while the misprint really confused me and I thought I had planted Galaxy instead of Saturn. The fruits look similar except for size, which doesn’t help much because so many factors can affect size. Flowers are the same. I was finally able to identify Saturn by looking at the release notes of both cultivars, which indicated they have different leaf glands.


When did you pick this one?

I am in zone 5b and mine were done in Mid-August. I picked more than 300 off a 7 foot tall 3 year old tree.


Mes, I harvested Saturn in late July. Now just had the time to report it.


I don’t have Galaxy but i have one on order.

These were last year…this year i got hit hard late by PC and i hadn’t sprayed the trees in some time so they were pretty much a loss (there may have been a couple decent fruit).


those are beautiful!