Dormant pruning

if my apple tree is fully dormant is it safe to prune in above freezing temps in light rain?

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Not sure I would prune in rain as it may allow for disease but I am sure others who know better than me may know more about it. You can prune well above freezing as long as the tree is still dormant though :+1:

Off and on rain 50 degrees today and tomorrow northwest pa not sure how long it need to be dry in between?

I would wait until there is a couple day break in the rain but it is totally up to you. It does need to be done before they break dormancy though :+1:

I prune apples in rain, snow, hail or sunshine, do so all winter into spring and start again in summer until almost Oct. Hundreds and hundreds of trees at scores of sites. Do not worry, the only thing you might need to consider is fireblight season, you might not want to prune then if it’s a problem where you are. Also, if you prune before extreme cold like about -20F it could be a problem, especially for young trees. Wounds do harden off with apples, even during winter after about 2 weeks- or so I’ve read. I have pruned old apple trees preceding about -20 with no ill effects, even though it was immediately before the event.


Fire blight and fungal diseases are not an issue at temperatures near freezing. I believe Fire blight is not a significant risk until you hit 70 degree temperatures repeatedly.

Thanks for the help and reply and yes fireblight is a big problem in season

Temps this week thurs 49/33 Friday 39/23 sat 42/26 sun 57/39 mon 58/44 tues 55/39 wed 46/33