Dormant Spray and Copper Spray


This article contains some good information about copper, streptomycin and that relationship to fire blight and fruit


Will spraying copper hurt my peaches if they are about half inch green leaf?


Thats about the latest I spray full strength copper. I just sprayed today and there were a few spots with half an inch green and most of the rest shorter. Those small leaves are “leaf concentrate” and are able to take chemical abuse better.


Thanks scott. Looks like I better hurry!


How long does it take copper spray to dry? How soon before a rain should it be sprayed? assuming a sticker is used?


It will dry within a half hour. Use a sticker it will help the copper stay on for at least three weeks. It will have done its job.


Mine stays on the whole winter. I see traces of copper now and I sprayed in Nov.

My rule of thumb is I want to spray when there will be no rain for the next 24 hours. Sometimes, it’s hard to find such a window when leaves keep developing.


I ended up spraying copper tonight. I sprayed until drip. Now that’s it’s dried I can not see it. What is it supposed to look like?


Don’t know what copper you used. Kocide is blue powder. When it is mixed with water, the solution is blue. When I spray it with sticker, I see traces of blue on the trees.


Kocide seems to have a stronger copper blue color, than the regular copper. If I use Kocide I see blue if I use my old liquid copper there is no sign of blue.


Oh okay. I used southern ag copper. That’s probably the difference.


As long as you add sticker, it will stay on longer.


I don’t know about everyone else, but when I spray copper my tree rows smell vaguely reminiscent of blood when the trees get damp for a while. Maybe if you don’t see something you can still smell it.


Thanks but if there is one sense I lack that is the sense of smell. I don’t totally lack it but why wife and daughter are always talking about things they can smell and I can’t smell anything. I have eagle eyesight and great hearing but my nose is lacking. My wife and daughter listen to the TV with the volume around 15. When I watch it I turn it town to about 7. lol


What is the target for using the Copper on the Peaches?What disease or pest? Brady


To prevent peach leaf curl and potential brown rot. This will be the first year I should have any fruit and my neighbor reported to me that last year he had some brown rot on his plum harvest. So just a preventative measure.


Copper is fungicide. It helps prevent or reduce occurances of several common peach problems such as peach leave curl, bacterial spot, shot hole, canker, etc.

So it is quite common to use copper on peaches.


Yes,but Peach Leaf Curl needs to be treated while the trees are dormant and no leaves are showing,but if Dave is using it for Brown Rot,then that’s appropriate. Brady


I only meant to say those are what copper is for.

When to use it for what, one needs to follow the label.


Per Kocide label, you can still treat PLC at pink bud at a bit lower strength.

Kocide allows you to treat some diseases such as shot hole and bacterial spot at different stages of growth with different strength of copper.