Dormant Spray and Copper Spray


The thing I read was,there is about a half inch of green leaf.From what I’ve read so far,that’s too late for any treatment against PLC,this season. Brady


This whole spraying thing is so damn confusing. I have the Bonide Copper Spray and am in Zone 8B. I am intending to spray all my fruit and nut trees with the copper in dormancy since it is VERY humid here most of the year and it seems it is a place where all fungus should be kept at bay it appears you may want to do it again in early spring?. I also bought SEVIN spray I am going to use for insects. I am assuming from the bottle that will be a Early Spring spaying regiment I will want to start. I really want to be careful and not use to much stuff but I also want to make sure to be preventative in the right way…


Sorry folks but if anyone could just say those are fine? Or not? This whole spraying thing is getting my goat going…Sorry. This is what I am thinking after reading a LOT of this type of info. here in this forum…Copper

Am I going the the right direction here? Thanks folks…


Yes, before bud break, late winter/early spring

That is oil, not copper, but you can add the copper to it. I would suggest doing so.


If you’re spraying copper for Peach Leaf Curl, make sure you spray in the fall after the leaves drop and again in the late spring. Don’t make the mistake I did and forget to do the fall spray!

I dutifully sprayed this spring and I still had PLC. It was then that I learned the hard way that you should also spray in the fall.

I don’t think you should spray any insecticide until spring after petal fall (unless there’s a current insect problem you’re trying to deal with)


Sorry. I already have the copper i forgot to put a picture…


I have a lot of grasshoppers and i think some stink bugs. My leaves have a lot of little holes in them but it doesn’t seem to be stunting any growth.


So mix the copper and oil when I spray or do them the same day but separate from each other? Sorry, I’m just kind of lost on this whole spray thing. I have the right equipment it’s just what, when and how much that it seems so many opinions differ on. You all seem to be very successful here so I feel I’m going to just stick with this sight and go with it…thank you again. You all have been very willing and helpful…


You can mix together, use the label amounts. I go to this site instead of always looking at the labels.


Very cool. I will be spraying pecan, hazelnut, almond, peach, Apple, pear, cherry, crabapple, mulberry and fig. Looks like I could go with about 5 tblsps. Per gallon of oil and one ounce of copper per gallon. I have a 9 gallon sprayer I can use so it appears I can do this mix and make it for 9 gallons then add the sticker I bought from bonide. Spray this fall after leaf drop then spray in spring as I see first bud coming? I hope it’s that easy!


This is the copper and sticker I bought. The I bought SEVIN I thought I can use for maintenance through growing season.


I recently purchased Bonide Copper Fungicide and am wondering if I should return it and seek a better source of Copper. It was available locally at a reasonable price. I found something that made me think that the copper soap formulation (copper octanoate) will not be very effective as a dormant copper spray:

The full presentation may be found here:

Compared to other formulations the % Metallic copper is quite low. I would be using the copper for apples, apricots, cherries, peaches, pears. I have a small backyard orchard 1-2 years old in Northeast Pennsylvania. Opinions on the effectiveness? Problems encountered last year included significant powdery mildew on apples and cherries and a few spots of leaf curl on a peach tree.


I just sprayed mine with it. I had a fungal growth on my Anna apple a few weeks ago and it’s gone now. Otherwise I’ve not had anything I can say any results about but I’ll keep you posted if you like?


As a general rule, you spray a copper with a high MCE when the plants are dormant and a lighter copper like Cueva during the growing season. Copper and oil mix well and can be sprayed at the same time. I spray about 2 # MCE per acre on Apples which is around 7 pounds of Kocide 3000/acre containing about 700 trees.

Copper is effective against leaf curl and a bunch of other stuff, but I’m not sure how effective it is for powdery mildew on Apples


Thanks Blueberry. I ordered Kocide 3000 this morning. I will be returning the copper soap.


I know that many of you use sticker to increase the duration of action of copper sprays, but does anyone use hydrated lime to accomplish the same thing? The presentation I cited above (#72) indicates that the water solubility of copper decreases with a higher pH. Therefore, less solubility with water should decrease the amount washed off with each rain. Any suggestions on types or brands of hydrated lime that can be run through a sprayer without clogging it up? Thoughts on combining sticker and hydrated lime? I have Kocide 3000 which appears to be relatively water soluble.


Copper sulfate + hydrated lime = Bordeaux mixture.

If you add hydrated lime to Kocide 3000 then who knows what activity you will get?

The major loss from the tree is going to be particle wash-off and not water solubility. So Kocide and Bordeaux mixture are going to last for about the same amount of time.

NuFilm 17 is good stuff for holding things to the tree. I sprayed it on some evergreens last fall and it formed a film between needles when the water dried. I think some polymer film like that is going to be better than lime.


I’d rather not mix copper and dormant oil, and I’m in zone 5b-Maine, still a foot of snow on the ground. Should I spray copper or dormant oil first? And should it be a minimum temp when I spray each oil? If so, what temp? Cause it’s still consistently mid 20F


Just curious, what is your reason for not mixing oil and copper in dormant spray stage?

Anyway, oil should be spray when temp in above freezing. My guess, mid 30’s would be the lowest temp I would spray oil.

I would spray copper first as it’s bacteriacide and fungicide so I want it on the bark and in all the nooks and crannies of my trees. Oil is to smother insect eggs and the like. I’d put it on top of copper if you spray separately. I could be wrong but that what I’d do.



Everything that I have read says to apply oil only when the temps will NOT fall below 40f within 24 hours after spraying.

At dormant, there is no reason not to mix oil and copper