Double Delight Nectarine Revisited

A couple years ago some of us posted how disappointed we were with
Double Delight Nectarine, that was on Citation from Bay Laurel. I came
close to removing my tree, but instead moved it to another spot. Since
that time the tree has grown well, and even after our disastrous late freeze that
wiped out most of my stone fruit, it still set about 10 fruits.
I just ate the first one, and I must say that it was delicious, and as good as
any peach I grow. I’m so glad I kept this tree.


Mine did really well this second season from bareroot. I really enjoyed my first taste. I might have gotten about 100+ fruits. I thinned 1/3rd off the tree in the spring.


I have double delight nectarine a great tasting fruit IMO. Unfortunately baby squirrels have stripped ALL the fruit off the tree this year. Sick.

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Man set well last year and the fruit was lousy. It was dealing with massive shothole (I think) and appeared to have massive thrip damage as well and some of the fruits developed weird lesions on the skin because of the thrip damage. This year with no chill at all it bloomed a meager bloom and set basically nothing. A real dud so far. I may keep it another year but I’m not sure. I am very confident my other varieties are better even under ideal circumstances. I’m glad to hear all of you enjoyed them though.


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I have a double delight planted on my backyard. The tree is about 3 yrs old. It has been fruiting but the fruit skin doesn’t look smooth!! Any idea what causing the problem? I live in Dallas, TX. See photo below.

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It is smooth (no pubescence). Discolored areas are damage from thrips.

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I have a question. Can the “Double Delight Nectarine” survive in 20147 from where I live?

rayrose, What zipcode do you live in?