Double Mahoi Banana

I sprung on a banana tree today at the farmers market. A local seller from Thailand said she’s been growing them here for years and this particular cultivar is supposedly a Cavendish mutant that gives 2 hands(flowers) at once. Of course I know little about growing bananas and have little room for just morning sun so I’ll have to do some thinking about where she’s going to be planted and when.


So today I decided to just put the tree in around a 15g container. I have a large umbrella protecting from later afternoon sun here. There are actually 2 pups which is good because I know a few people already wanting one now. I saw that I want to keep at least one extra pup in the container.
I might make a small raised bed for this tree next year or I’ll use a wine barrel when up potting next time. I’d rather put in ground though. I can’t believe I’m growing a banana tree it’s so cool looking.

Not a great pic of the roots but they were definitely ready to up pot.