Dr bronners peppermint soap and Monterey’s horticultural oil mixture amounts

Hi I am sure this is been asked but I cannot get specific amounts really anywhere. Or if they will even mix together. I believe I could do 1 tablespoon per quart of Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap and 1 to 2 teaspoons of horticultural oil per quart.

3-4 tablespoons per gallon soap and 2 1/2 to 5 tablespoons per gallon oil

Should these to be mixed? I’m trying to just do as much organic as I can. Have some spider mites and aphids that I am dealing with on my fruit trees and vegetables.

Is the horticultural oil,petroleum based?
There are some essential oils,like Peppermint and Lavender that are suppose to work against Spider mites.
I use that same soap,but don’t know if it has strong enough Peppermint,so will add the oils along with a little Soybean oil,for the Mites.bb

The horticultural oil is mineral oil.

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I’m just mainly curious if the peppermint soap would be enough. It lists a few oil’s that are already in it. I’m sure adding the Horticultural oil to it would not hurt but I’m just curious if it is necessary to. I guess my main question is what is best practice? Both mixed into one or just using the horticultural oil say once a month for prevention and the peppermint soap for actual bugs that are on the trees.

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Spider mites only get on my stone fruit trees in a greenhouse,when the conditions are hot and dry.
From what I’ve read,it’s good to change the routine with them and use different products,or they may develop an immunity.
Blasting them off with water is another method.bb

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Read the oil instructions, does it say to use an emulsifier? If so it should also give you guidance on it.

My guess is that the 20% “other ingredients” include something to mix the oil with the water. I have their “neem oil” product that I actually prefer over real, pure neem oil because it mixes really well with water (+anything else I tank mix it with) right out of the jug. I’m sure it’s not as potent as pure, proper neem oil, but it works plenty well for me and it’s really easy.

When I do need soap, I just use plain, nothing-added Castile soap (which is also supposedly a decent miticide by itself). I’m told the soap needs to have plant oils in it, and I guess some commercial soaps have some modified or engineered (or something) oils instead of plant lipids. I am not a chemist, botanist, entomologist or acarologist (I had to look that one up!).

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When in doubt, make a little mix and spray a few lower leaves. If they are OK a few days later you are likely safe to use it.


Uygi- no it doesn’t say use an emulsifier. I’m sure it will also mix right with the water. I will mix the two and give it a shot. Thank you.

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