Dragon Fruit, yellow skin type

@tonyOmahaz5, et al,

This is another tropical fruit that, once in a while, forum members mention it. I bought it because I had not tried a yellow skin dragon fruit before. I’ve tried the red skin with white flesh and red skin with red flesh.

I guess it was picked too early like many other fruit. The center of the fruit has some sweetness to it. Otherwise, the rest was tangy. Not worth $6+, unfortunately.

Please feel free to share your experience with dragon fruit.

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I’ve always wanted to try it but have never seen it for sale anywhere. I’ve heard when its picked at the right time and ripe its fantastic. It has such an interesting look to it.

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The ripe one is usually sweet with a little tang and the texture has some crunch in it, not soft like mangoes or mushy like pawpaws. You can cut the flesh into cubes and it still holds the shape well.

It is seasonal. For American supermarkets, you may be able to find them at a place like Wegman’s.

If you go into a big city, you should fine out where Chinese or Vietnamese markets are. This time of the year, you probably could find the fruit.

When you were at the Niagara Falls, you were so close to Toronto. It has pone of the biggest Chinatowns in Northern America.

Never had dragon fruit before. Do you eat just the black and white area? Not the yellow peel?
Will buy one next time I see them.

Only the flesh part. It has tiny black seeds in it but they are so tiny, it does not bother most people. The flesh closest ti the skin is the most sour.

You will have better luck finding dark pink skin varieties ( some have white flesh, some red flesh). The fruit has high concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

I used to eat it instead of rice to lose weight :grin: did not work but I had a ggod time being ipon dragon fruit diet. I know people who are diabetic and eat dragon fruit as their fruit of choice. Comparing it to other tropical fruit, it does not have high sugar content like longan, rambutan, etc.