Dragonfruit basted Cod

Begin with 1 medium-large size red-fleshed Dragonfruit. Here I’m using H. guatemalensis, aka American Beauty. Scoop out the flesh, add juice of 1 Lisbon or Eureka lemon (not Meyers), and a 1/2 cup of Avocado oil. Puree and pour over frozen fillets of Wild Alaskan Cod. Grill at 425°F in a basket, 5 minutes each side, basting after each turn, and continue turning until internal temperature of fish reaches 125°F. Remove from heat immediately.


Those are beautiful- good photography too.

Given the cost and poor quality of dragonfruit here I won’t be trying your version anytime soon. Do you have any other suggestions that would let me substitute another fruit?

I could see doing something similar with mango and pork, for example.


I’ve never had a Dragonfruit. The color is amazing. Good pics too.


Berries :slight_smile:

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