Dried grapes. Is this black rot?

I see individual grapes shriveling like this on a few bunches. Its not too widespread but on a handful of clusters. Is this black rot?

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I have grown grapes, and I always had a spray program and never had these type of problems. Most serious grape problems like black rot are endemic. The plant gets infected early in the season. By the time it shows up like this, it will only get worse. Have you sprayed? Do you spray? What do you spray? When do you spray? How often do you spray? Do you leaf pull? What kind of grapes do you have? Where do you live? Is this your first year as caretaker? Have you had this problem before?

Looks like I was quite vague in my question above. I’m a new grape grower, this is second leaf Golden Muscat grape, most vigorous of my 3 vines (others being Mars and Reliance). I live in San Jose, CA, zone 9B. I didn’t spray anything this year and I’m still learning about diseases and deciding on a program that suits my area. I appreciate any advice that helps me decide that!

By leaf pull, if you mean removing the leaves close to the cluster to expose more sun to the berries once they start getting bigger, yes I did that.

That doesn’t look like black rot to me, it gets darker faster. Look up pictures for black rot on leaves, if you are getting it on the fruit there should also be some on the leaves. All the damage you have is on the tops, it could be when you cut away the leaves some grapes got sunburned.

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Thanks @scottfsmith. Sunburn is a possibility as we had a couple of 100F days. I checked all the leaves today and this is only one I can spot any damage. It does look like sun burn as well

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