Drip Irr. w/ fertilizer feeder?

Hello, I am in AZ zone 8a with loamy sand for soil. Have small 50 varied type fruit trees in my orchard. An stray deep freeze recently blew up my pvc watering system for the very last time and I am about to install a drip system and want to provide fertilizer for my trees via a feeder system. All parts and pieces came from “Drip Depot”. Does anyone know anything about what type of fertilizer will work with a dilution of 1:1000 in my fert. feeder? I have searched and searched but being a novice have not been able to find anything I can understand. I could be water soluble type of liquid type. Thanks so much for sharing your smartness!

You may want to ask @Richard, I believe he may have something sort of similar. You can look up some of his older posts and see if that is helpful.

Grow More 16-8-24 Fruit Fuel.

I looked into this a couple times and your options are basically to pay several hundred dollars for a precision Dosatron fertilizer injector that does everything for you or pay $15 for a venturi fertilizer injector and $15 for a TDS meter and then dialing things in yourself. A word for warning is that venturi injectors are very finicky when working with different water pressures and flow rates.

Regarding nutrients, you can’t go wrong with masterblend and then you just add calcium nitrate and Epsom salts to hit your target NPK or PPM - they also sell this as a kit sell this as a kit with mixing instructions. This all might sound complicated but in can assure you it’s not.

Thank you, thank you , thank you !

Venturi works great with higher water pressure (60lbs+) over modest distances (50 ft). It’s not an option for my orchard.

Grow More Fruit Fuel 16-8-24 does not require additives. It’s available here: Amazon com - Fruit Fuel.

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