Dripping Honey asian pear problems - need help

Started having these problem on the new fruit.
Never had it before.
Can anyone identify it and suggest a solution.
Those tiny growths leave an orange stain on your fingers.growth%20on%20dripping%20honey%20asian%20pear%201 growth%20on%20dripping%20honey%20asian%20pear%202


That is probably Cedar or Quince Rust.
Here is some information from Cornell.bb

Try this to get the above link for information.bb

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I just checked and the Cornell link didn’t work for me,so here is another.bb

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Thanks Brady. Looks like that’s it. Why it’s happening this year for the first time is a mystery.
The other asian pear shows some of the same fungus and it’s about 75-100 feet away

I had some Immunox already so I sprayed 'em both … as well as an apple.
Hope it’s not too late in the season.
Thanks again.