Dry Jujubes in Vietnamese dessert

My wife make this delicious dessert that include dried Jujubes, mung beans, coconut milk,and dried goji berries.

Juju mulberry, I think you will like the large dried Jujubes.


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It looks delicious Tony. I love dried dates. The only thing that stopped me from planting jujubes was that they are rated zone 6. How hardy they were for you?

I have ten Jujube trees and so far they can handle the cold to -18F without any damage. Zone 5. I like Honey Jar and Sugarcane the most.


i think those might be xian jiang jujubes, which have tried fairly recently as dried dates(imported from China). Makes me think they are Chang, but those xian jiangs seem to be much larger. They look quite hefty dried, so they must really be enormous when fresh.
they are pretty good, though am sure they’d taste much better when unseasoned or if untreated with what(to me)tastes like preservatives.

and yes, mung beans too are absolutely delish!

glad to hear your hj survived -18F.
among jujus, hj seems to be the least hardy to severe cold, apparently due to its relatively thin stems.

Hm…, I should consider planting them in the garden. I have the last good spot that I am saving for something special.