Drying apples - to peel or not to peel

I made my first dried apples last weekend. Somehow I never got around to trying that out, partly because the store-bought versions I found rubbery and bland so I was not expecting anything very good. But the ones I made were incredibly good. Too good in fact, they were all gone in a few days because my son inhaled them. I have one of those apple cutter/peeler machines and it makes perfect drying slices in no time at all.

I dried nearly all with the skin peeled, its easy to do on the machine. But the ends were not getting peeled. I decided to throw them in the dryer anyway, and was surprised to find they seemed to be a bit tastier and without much extra chew. What do you pro apple dryers think - peeled or not?

I dried several different varieties, all were very good. Some turned more dark than others, no difference to me though. The Rubinettes were probably the best, they had a huge amount of flavor.

Don’t mind the peel on mine, but the kids do so I usually peel them by hand, what a pain (maybe time for one of those machines)…then I use a mandolin to get uniform slices…add a bit of cinnamon/sugar for flavor and into the nesco they go…I’ll use whatever apples we have laying around that no one wants to eat and pretty much as soon as they come out of the dehydrator they were gone…can’t make enough of them…If you add a little lemon juice to them after they’re sliced you can keep them from browning…

I would peel them especially if you are making very thin slices.

The peel gets really hard like a plastic coating and very uncomfortable to chew.

Mike, thats what I was expecting with the peel but it didn’t taste that way. Maybe its variety-related, it was all on Rubinettes that peel was still on.


Most of what I have dried are yellow and goIden delicious.

I make mine as very thin apple chips and make extra dry and crispy.

My experience with the way I do it is that the dry skin becomes very tough and not chew worthy. :smile:

I have those spiral peeler/slicer and I wind up munching on the spaghetti-like skins.

They don’t go to waste as I use them in smoothies.

ALSO just recently I read that the nutrients in apple skins fight muscle wasting/weakness as we get older. See Iniv. Of Iowa

… caused by a protein called ATF4…It changes formation of genes, starving muscles of the proteins they need. Researchers found chemical in apple peel and green tomatoes prevent this.


I’m big on the value of the skin, both in terms of nutrients and flavor. On many apples you’ll experience a new layer of complex flavor right at the skin. I do my best to avoid peeling anything I eat for just those reasons. Well, avocados, banana, kiwi and so on, excepted, of course!

I leave the peel on and they taste great to us. We dry pears the same way. I cut them thin because otherwise they won’t dry or store right.