Drying fuyu persimmons

We received some persimmons from Harry and David as a gift, the dehydrator was running so after tasting one, on the dehydrator it went. This morning I pulled a slice of dehydrated persimmon and tasted it. Unseasoned, cooked, butternut squash, exact match!
I’ll stick with dehydrated apples.
BTW, Westfield seek no further, Baldwin, and Roxbury are very good dried.

:frowning: Maybe it needed some seasoning?

The pointed type of ripe persimmons are the best for dehydration

I definitely get that vibe from fuyu persimmons. I mostly buy them because that’s what’s available and they have just enough persimmon flavor to bring back memories of eating better persimmons. In a few years, I should be picking my own home-grown 'simmons!

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Out of curiosity–were they still hard, and did you skin them? I find they are sweetest dried if you wait until they are a little soft first, then peel and dry. Not amazing, a lot of work, but good.

I like commercial astringent persimmons but love Fuyus when they are truly tree ripe and deep orange in color but still firm. Heartbroken that my closest Asian Market has been taken over by Hispanics that don’t seem to like them as I do.

Here in NY, the astringent variety (Saijo maybe) are quite common in conventional big grocery chains but you often need to go to Asian markets to get non-astringent kakis- especially at a good price.

The greatest world producers are Chinese and I think they may prefer the non-astringent types.

Selected varieties of American persimmons have more flavor but seem to sustain a certain level of astringency even when very soft. I need to learn more about them because the fruit on the variety I grow is very appealing to me.