Dug some Jujube suckers this weekend

These are some Jujube suckers I dug 3 weeks ago. You may be able to see the new foliage they have put on since then.

It’s surprising how well they have done in the South Georgia heat with almost no feeder roots.

Thanks for looking.


So I dug a few more…

I will probably dig more next weekend. I ran out of potting mix.


Nice haul!
Plant them in the ground and you won’t need potting mix, just a shady spot☺


Thanks, I’m so excited to bud and graft next year. I buy the potting mix by the truckload, so it’s cheap. My soil is well, not soil. You could make clay cookware out of it. Unfortunately, small trees don’t do well for me in this muck. I’ve learned to get a little size on my trees before sticking them in the ground.


nice costco operation you have there. Just last year, folks were complaining about lowe’s selling their grafted jujus for 38$ each, which is >20$ more than conventional fruit trees. Just checked a lowe’s recently and now selling at 44$ each…

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Just checking in to see how these did. I read elsewhere that jujube suckers should be divided while dormant. But these are looking pretty good.

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