Dula Beauty Apple

I wanted to create a thread for this apple. After reading about it online and sparsely through the forum, I am very interested in this apple and would love to hear from folks who have grown it. How does it taste? How is the disease resistance? Any other great info and experience would be greatly appreciated!

Good disease resistance, took its sweet time to bear, vigorous grower, possibly a limbertwig seedling. I got impatient and grafted it over. A Virginia friend says its the cleanest apple in her orchard outside of Gilpin.

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@hambone any idea how it taste?

I never figured out when to pick it. It’s a very late apple as I recall.

Both my Coffey Seedling/Dula’s croaked.

I grow it but I’m 5 years in and still not a blossom on m111. You said it was slow to bear and you were definitely right. Good strong growing tree with nice branching and good crotch angles. Definitely gonna be one of the larger trees I have as well as I think it’s larger than any variety around it planted at the same time.

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Any disease issues?

Not in my climate. But here nothing does. I live in northern Arizona so I’m not much help on the disease aspect. When I went to Century Farm Orchards I asked them specifically about Dulas Beauty and he said it’s a rather large apple, and that as far as large apples go it was one of the best. Keener Seedling is another supposed limbertwig cross and it was one the best apples I had there picked off the tree.

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I have it on MM111 also. No fruit yet on 5 year old tree. Did get hit pretty hard by CAR

I think it’s a triploid. Leaves are unusually large. David commented on that when I picked mine up several years ago.

Someone said frog eye leaf spot but I’m not sure.