Duncan Grapefruit

Just curious if any of the folks here know of or grow this variety. The NY Times had an article on Duncan in their food section (3/22) this week, and it reminded me of the grapefruits I used to get shipped up to me from FL decades ago. Yellow flesh, very sweet and tons of seeds.

I have not seen these around for many years, but loved them back in the day.

I bought a young Duncan tree several years ago near Houston and happily planted it. Less than a year later an unusually cold blast overcame the significant cold protection that I had set up to protect the small tree. It died. Apart from the lemon-flavored Bloomsweet variety, grapefruit just don’t have the ability to survive icy events. It’s like the old papaya description: Cold hardy to 33 degrees. Laughable. One local citrus enthusiast said that the Duncan was the best tasting GF that he has ever eaten.

I’ve recently put one in the ground. I remember Duncan grapefruit as a kid and they were awesome. My neighbor had one and gave my wife a slice to try and she fell in love and she doesn’t like grapefruit. No bitterness, sweet and juicy. Excellent flavor and the best. It’s not popular any more cause it has a small ring of seeds at the center, but those are easy to pluck out with a fork. Damn shame people are sp lazy these days.