Dwarf Everbearing mulberry - M. nigra?


i already have noir of spain, so not inclined to buy. Am actually a bit worried(apart from intrigued) that hiddensprings might have a different mulberry that is also labeled as noir.


Commonly sold in the south? Certainly it is not native there.

Morus alba

China: China


From “lesson books” (scrolls) we know that the Moors (and Berbers … decendents of Homer’s “Cretians” of Mesopotamia) brought M. nigra to Spain. It has been an occasionally forgotten but treasured plant in regions south of Barcelona (41°N latitude). Those trees are considered the source for the selection “Noir Of Spain”.


I did get one from Hidden Springs last year,to see what the fruit is like. Brady


Thanks for testing their inventory. Historically they have bogus Genus-species names.


It’s an alba seedlng that originated in Florida.


I literally just bought one today. Isn’t this a shady address forthem? False advertisement and what not?