Dwarf Mulberries


I will make a video tomorrow to show sizes. I will use an 8 foot ladder to compare. My mom in West Virginia said she never pruned hers this year at all and she thinks hers is about 7 to 8 feet tall. I only left one unpruned and I think it may be 10 feet. I left it grow so I can get long branches for a living fence.


Awesome if you want to shoot for February or march.


No problem, Let me know how many you want and I will pot some. I am pretty sure I have some fabric pots lying in the garage…


Honestly I want 1000. In reality I don’t know what you can spare or how they ship.


They should ship fine as they grow mostly without help from me. Just have to let them get used to the pot and then I can ship them by compressing the soil a bit inside the grow pot and taping over the top of the pot. They grow like a vine so bundling one up in a package should not hurt it. What zone are you by the way ?


I am 9b and tested my mulberries in 6b as well. My freedom blackberry did so well I want to do about 1000 feet of them.


You could probably get there with just a few plants. This stuff is vigorous. I hope you know about the cultivar Prime Ark Freedom… as it is a primocane blackberry and will produce fruit on both first and second year canes so don’t cut it back too much.


The one I have is over 13 feet long now and is producing tons of side shoots with no pruning. My intent is to get them going on my property and sell baskets of berries at the flea market and local fruit stands. I did the math and per quarter acre blackberries are worth over 4 times the value of saffron. Total final profit is even many more times.


Botanical Bryce, I am very interested in your worlds best mulberry!!! I am currently collecting Mulberry varieties and the best wild specimens here in Houston Texas… I’ve got about 15 or so. Do you have any plants or cuttings available for sale or trade of this mulberry? I have about 50+ fig varities, pomegranates, loguats, Persimmons, stone fruit, che fruit and more to trade.
Great video!


Any hardy dwarf mulberry varieties? Like zone 4 or five?


The ‘Weeping Mulberry’ is said to tolerate zone 4; while Gerardi is an excellent choice for zone 5 and higher.


Do you know if these mulberries root easily from cuttings or do they have to be grafted?


So far, I have heard of three people who have attempted to root ‘Gerardi’ mulberry cuttings but were unsuccessful.


Not a great sucess rate.


I got 6 plants last year from cuttings, a couple grew five feet. Many did fail though. I’m going to try bottom heat this year.


That’s great to hear that it’s not impossible to root ‘Gerardi’ from cuttings! I have been trying to learn the science behind rooting some of the more difficult mulberry cuttings. All of the mulberry trees at the Wolfskill mulberry research location are on their own roots. Most originated from cuttings supplied by helpful parties, but what I don’t know is if they were rooted from cuttings or if they were first grafted and then air layered. I have emailed Jenny Smith (Agricultural Research Science Technician over the mulberries) but never got a response…Perhaps it’s a trade secret. I’d sure like to know what she knows!


Hi Bryce, I am a mulberry aficionado as well and would like to buy from you a few of your Worlds Best Mulberry, cuttings and also already rooted cuttings if possible. I have a few posts here about my mulberries. Can also trade cuttings if you prefer. I have Morus nigra King James, Morus Nigra Charlton House, Morus nigra AGM, Morus Nigra Italian variety Queens, Morus Nigra German Variety, also have a at least 200y old fruiting Morus Nigra in my farm, Oscar Mulberry, Shangri la Mulberry, Wellington Mulberry, Pakistan Mulberry and fruiting weeping mulberry (I think that’s all… lol). Best regards.


I am piggybacking off of Carld. I am also interested in purchasing a few of your Worlds Best Mulberry plants if possible. At this Time I have three Girardi Mulberry plants that hopefully will produce this year.


Are you in the Untied States? Tried getting some to Carl but inspections were a problem so I have to keep it in the states.


Yes I am in the United States, Alabama to be specific. Just let me know what you would need from me if this needs to go to PM or what not just let me know.