Dwarf Mulberries


Same for me I’m in Georgia would like to try and root some cuttings. Will send a PM


I will have only plants. No cuttings.


@Botanical_Bryce are you selling? I’d love to give these a try at my school garden in CA. I think my students would love eating from Mulberry bushes.



Do you ship to CA?


Bryce, do you still have any of those World’s Best mulberry plants for sale? If so, then I would like to purchase a few plants from you.


Nice video and comparisons; very interested in your World’s Best Mulberry. I noticed your selling only plants but cuttings would be easier to get into CA. Appreciate your consideration.


Is it the cold that concerns you? I have a Persian Black mulberry from Burnt Ridge which I kept in a pot for a few years. I planted it into the ground in fall 2014 or spring 2015. Probably spring, but I’m not sure which- I just see it in my notes that fall as slated to be planted. That means that it has survived at least 2 winters (15-16, 16-17, which went down to -8F and ~0F). I took cutting from it recently and it looked good, though that’s no guarantee. The thing is still tiny, so I suppose that helps support the idea that it is a true nigra, as BR claims.


No, it got an infection last summer when we were having all the rain and although it never “died” it looked like it needed to be put out of its misery!!


Nigra isn’t supposed to stay tiny according to Burntridge’s Michael Dolan. The persians get around 12-15 feet. The black beauty stays a bit smaller: 8-10 feet. This is in the first 3-5 years. This is assuming a tree on a Russian mulberry (Alba) rootstock.

I am curious to see how my trees behave given all this contradictory information.


I’m interested… How much shipped to NY?


How goes the rooting this spring?



Anyone get a “World Best” from Bruce? How is it growing? Any early fruiting?

He doesn’t seem to be responding to PM’s



I got some cuttings. Had 12 rooted plants and have given 4 away to friends. Mine are still in pots because we went straight into a hot dry summer and I’m waiting to plant them until weather is more favorable. Mine are about 2 1/2 feet tall and bushing out. I tried to keep all the fruit pinched off to help with root production. One of mine had two berries dark red and then the next day they were gone. I’m guessing they went the way of most mulberries. The birds are keeping my IE free of ripe fruit also. The plants look awesome though!



Are you willing to sell a rooted plant? If so how much shipped to NY?


World’s Best




That looks great!!!


It’s not a good idea to ship any plant this time of year!




Bruce is probably the person best qualified to answer that…


I should warn you that I gave him money back in February and can’t get him to reply to me…

I hope he has found a great new variety, and I hope that I get an email from him as well…



@Chills , actually it is Bryce. I think I got mine around the end of April. He sent this email to me April 20

" Did I send you your World’s best mulberry yet. I am playing catch up and realizing I missed a couple people."

So he probably just missed you as I think he was overwhelmed with the demand. Maybe doesn’t use email much, maybe you can reply to him on his youtube channel as it looks like he frequently is there: