Dwarf Mulberry - Reliable Places to Purchase?

I’m thinking about ordering a Dwarf Mulberry tree from Lemon Citrus Tree (lemoncitrustree.com). Has anyone ever ordered from there?

It is a 2-3 year old potted tree (2-3ft tall) that I’ll have shipped. Seems like a fair deal to me at $52. I called to clarify with the nursery that the tree is from a cutting. I also verified they can ship to CA with a three year warranty.

Most online sources seem to be lacking the information I’m looking for regarding the Dwarf Mulberries. I keep combing the web looking for trees, but most sites seem to be lacking the information on if they’re cuttings, graphs, or from seed.

I really would prefer not spend money on something that could be a dud like from Dave Wilson, I’ve done a fair bit of reading on the subject saying they mislabel the trees. I don’t like the idea of waiting years for fruit from a plant in a 4" pot, especially since a lot of the other posts seem to say the Morus Nigra is very slow growing compared to other mulberries. I absolutely adore mulberry fruit, no matter the color, but my favorite berry is blackberries so I’m trying to stick to a shorter mulberry that is easy for me to pick. Having a blackberry isn’t possible for where I live, but having a potted mulberry tree would be much easier for me.

Long term, my dwarf will be indoor/outdoor.

tl;dr: Is the online store Lemon Citrus Tree a reliable source for Dwarf Mulberries? Any other rebuttable places to purchase that will ship to CA? Am I approaching this mulberry thing right?


These grow well from cuttings, see if you can’t find a local source.

In AZ my experience (and that of my fruit friends) has been that this variety produces once in the spring – in our climate anyway – and the berries are very small. The tree remains smaller as well.

We are still experimenting with it but overall, I would much rather have Pakistan, Oscar, or another fullsize variety.

No matter where you order from there is actually a high likelihood that you will get a Dave Wilson tree. They are now I think the largest fruit tree grower in the country? A large number of nurseries buy DW trees and resell them.

I would check out Davesgarden.com and check out any vendor you whenever plan to purchase a plant. Lemon Citrus Tree appears to re-print positive reviews under multiple names…I don’t care for deceitful practices.

Yes…The berries are small… If you are looking for a dwarf mulberry plant with very good fruit, then I would suggest ‘Gerardi Dwarf’ or often called just ‘Gerardi’. It will not grow into a large mulberry tree and it produces a lot of mulberries over a very long season.

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I have a "dwarf mulberry " from a comercial nursery ( forget which one.)
It produces fruit through out the summer ,
But !
They are very small , and not much flavor there.
Mine is not worth keeping. For the fruit.
Except ,
It roots easily from cuttings, so may a good rootstock to graft other varietys onto

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In what is probably a testament to this variety and its ability to stay a small tree, it looks like Gerardi (and also Black Beauty) get grafted a few feet up so that they will actually become a tree. As opposed to a bush!

I’d love to try Gerardi some day :slight_smile:

I would definitely enjoy having good fruit, having disappointing fruit just doesn’t seem to do it for me. I’m not a fan of deceitful practices either, than you for the recommendation on Davesgarden

I’d like to have a potted variety for the everbearing effect. I’ve even considered taking a cutting to root for a bonsai.

I’ll look into the Gerardi Dwarf

Thank you for the information.

Let’s first clarify one thing. Do you want a true Morus nigra or any mulberry as long as it’s a dwarf? Gerardi Dwarf is not M. nigra.

I personally prefer the taste of black mulberries over reds or whites, but enjoy the tastes of all varieties regardless of color. I’ve been looking into the Gerardi Dwarf like some recommended.

I do have fruitless mulberries in the front yard, should I be concerned about them pollinating a female tree?

Nothing to worry about . Many varieties need pollination to set fruit . Some have both flower sexes on one tree . Some may set seedless fruit . I have never seen that . So only a rumor to me .

All M. nigra mulberries are black, but not all black mulberries are M. nigra. Many albas and alba/rubra hybrids produce black fruit. Taste of those varies a lot but none is as good as true nigra. The species names (nigra, alba, rubra) correspond to the color of the buds, not the color of the fruit.

I have a huge male mulberry tree on my property and have no problem with it. Seeds in mulberries are so small, I hardly notice them at all. It’s nothing like seeds in raspberries or blackberries. I graft various mulberry varieties on water sprouts produced by the male tree, so it’s useful for me besides shading the house in the summer.


How about Baker Creek?

Black mulberry is not everbearing. Dwarf everbearing produces small black berries, but is not a black mulberry Morus nigra. A good source of information is the website growingmulberry.org which was created by one of our own @Livinginawe. Please visit the website because mulberries can be very confusing and you can easily waste a decade looking for answers and the right tree, and be sold wrong trees and wait to see that they are not what you were looking for as happened to many of us…

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The Baker creek mulberry is NOT a Morus nigra!!!


Well, that explains why they were so small. However, it grew to 15 feet in one year, so I would not call it dwarf. Also, the berries that developed late are still sitting on the tree unchanged, red and hard. The growing pattern was not particularly great either. Crazy amounts of branches but neither particularly thick.

I bought Morus nigra ‘Noir of Spain’ at Whitman Farms (http://www.whitmanfarms.com/allplants/edible-plants/mulberries/black-mulberries/mulberry-morus-nigra-noir-of-spain-black-mulberry/). It is true nigra. It’s grafted onto an alba rootstock, so first year you need to be diligent to remove any suckers that rootstock produces. It’s not dwarf, but it’s relatively slowly growing so should be manageable in a pot.


Agree with @Stan about Whitman being a reputable nursery and “Noir de Spain” is the real deal.

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Here’s a link that always puts a smile on my face. It projects the anticipation I harbor of that day I’ll experience enjoying black mulberries (Morus nigra) in my own Miami backyard…

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