Dwarf rootstock and dwarf fruit tree questions

  1. What is the best dwarf rootstock for apples and stone fruit?

  2. Why are not better varieties grafted onto dwarf rootstock. Many, like me have either a terrace or small yard for growing.

  3. Dwarf fruit trees used to be considered novelties; no longer. Some of us would like to take the most advantage of our small spaces.

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Also consider the genetically dwarf peaches. Several are outstanding!

You’re in France, I am not sure what rootstocks are available in France. I do know the availability of rootstocks in the UK is quite different from availability in United States. Do you have any idea what rootstocks you can get in France?

The dwarf rootstocks all have advantages and disadvantages just like semi-dwarf and full size rootstocks. If you could explain what you are trying to accomplish in detail it would help get responses that are tailored to your situation. Are you placing the trees in the ground or in large pots? What soil are the trees being placed in? What cultivars are you wanting? The scion of the cultivar also contributes to the size of the tree and with a weak scion you may need a semi-dwarf rootstock to avoid getting a runt rather than a dwarf size tree.

In the United States, availability of cultivars on dwarf rootstocks is really pretty good. You can get most things on dwarf rootstocks and what you can’t is probably only available as scionwood not finished trees. This wasn’t true ten years ago.

I have quite a few apple and cherry trees on dwarf rootstocks so I can help you with those but the other stone fruits I don’t grow.

In a pot you don’t need a dwarf rootstock. The small soil volume will dwarf the tree.

I like M9 for apples and Citation for stone fruit. If you can find those they’ll do well in pots or in-ground.