Dwarf sour cherry whole tree cover

This is Agribon insect barrier folded and stapled together to make a huge bag. Put in on the tree and tied around trunk. Will see how it works. Worry about aphids that could feel great under and brown rot. But maggots should not have a chance.

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Can the rain get in? If so, it could make brown rot worse as moisture may take longer to dissipate.

I used a large mosquito net one year. Squirrels out but did not stop brown rot.

Yes, rain can get in, and yes, it will create favorable conditions for brown rot. But last year cherry every single one had up to three maggots inside, so even to cook them I had to cut every one in half and clean up, as I am too Scrooge to throw them in the trash. So if I lose this crop to brown rot - I at least do not have to do that anymore :grinning:

Can you spray through it? I net my entire cherry tree too. Mine however, is three times that size. This summer will be a challenge. But I won’t give up my cherries to birds!

I don’t think you can spray through. But I do not spray anyway when berries are close to ripe. And I am leaving for 2 weeks in a few days … So this is the best I can do.

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Here is my report on the whole tree cover. This is all cherries I got from a whole tree, thanks to spring frost, I guess:

Answering brown rot question - there were 2 cherries affected on a side close to the peach, where brown rot has forever home. And no fruit fly larva. So I guess it would work - if there would be some real cherries).