DWN: New aggressive thinning video

Cool beans:


This video was posted here already somewhere? Lot’s of comments about it too.

This video is a week old. I’m not seeing it posted anywhere here. Can you link to it and I’ll delete this one.

Well you didn’t see it, others probably didn’t either. More will see it here. It was in this thread.

Not so many comments as I thought! I can’t wait to start thinning. Man, maybe 3 months from now! It’s a good video as I have been seeing lot’s not thinning enough from some photos I have seen. It is extremely important to do so.

I see the two comments on the video. :open_mouth:

Yeah just heavy handed! I must say the DWN videos really helped me understand how to thin and also prune. I’m now at a point I can see what needs to be done. the first couple years I would re-watch the videos. Now I have it down. They really helped.
I myself like scaffolds up a little higher in some cases, and when I planted my Nadia Cherry-plum hybrid the existing scaffolds were decent, so I didn’t do any pruning. The caliper was a little too big too for knee high pruning. Still I want them low as possible, anyway I decided not to do any pruning at planting. This winter I hacked off a lot including the central leader to make a vase. It looks great although it was tough as I cut off ton’s of fruiting wood. Still in the long run it will be an excellent looking tree. I want to experiment with espalier pruning at some point too.

I remember it from the other thread, but i didn’t watch the whole thing. I think his point was to thin or pay for it later. I know i’ve been guilty of not thinning enough.

I regret thinning my Blenheim Apricot. It’s dropping dime and quarter sized fruitlets all over. They have seeds developed so are pollinated, right?

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Sometimes the Californians make me sick.

My Apricots just froze out for what? The sixth year in a row? I can’t remember anymore. Anyway, this guy blithely goes along snipping off whole branches because thinning is such a inconvenience…


This guy is definitely not pruning in my climate!

It’s really what needs to be done here in my locale. My three peaches in one hole on 18" centers would simple not get enough air/light in the middle without serious Summer thinning cuts. It should give people confidence to prune and thin heavily as needed.

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