Each peach, pear, plum... (and a pear rootstock espalier question)

Hello all,

The subject title is from a favorite children’s book of mine (mine are 8,5 and 2!) and my theme as I embark on a backyard orchard project. I have been reading, absorbing and adjusting my garden plan but I have finally come to posting a question (or two) ! Thanks for contributing.

I had planned 2 espalier against a rod iron fence running essentially north south in full sun and maybe the third as a free standing tree. The more I read, the more daunting it is to try my espalier project - I don’t want to end up with no fruit! Or no flowers to cross pollinate!
I am in zone 5b (but technically a 6a microclimate) with clay soil.
I have an OHFx97 dewdrop, an OHFx87 sunrise and a quince honeysweet (the main pollinator for other two) on the way. I don’t have a lot of room (where the freestanding tree is planned) for the OHFx87 or 97 and I had pegged the Quince for that. However, am I making a mistake for the espalier choice with the vigor of the OHFx97? It would be max 7-8 feet tall ideally. So, a lot of pruning which i don’t mind! But will it ever fruit? The alternative is to put in against my south west house wall and grow it as a massive espalier in a chandelier style if it really needs to grow out more than what I had planned for it. Any pear espalier rootstock experience would be appreciated, Alternatively, any experience with getting OHF-87 or 97 to stay rather contained in size and settle down to fruit would also make me happy.

Otherwise I have a precious apricot coming, two peaches( pf24 and a contender) and two plums (methley and plumcot spring satin) and a collective of sour cherry bushes. I am tempted to get a second apricot right away but i am sitting on my hands.

The spot against my southwest west was supposed to go to a tiffany rose white peach trained as a fan but it was oversold relative to how many the nursery got. Was this a crazy idea anyway!? Do i save this real estate or give it away to a pear? Has anybody tried an apricot as a fan? I don’t want to do this to my only apricot but would consider trying it on a second one…

thanks all,