Each time I close my browser and re-open it, I am logged out

Started about an hour ago 1/11/2024 around 9:30 pm central. If I close the browser (firefox) and then open a new window and click on my growinfruit link, I have to log in anew.

I stopped using Firefox and switched to chrome. But I will hazard to guess it is the new security step for syncing. Go to settings and turn off Firefox syncing. Betcha it stops logging you off. However; making you sign in for sync with 2 step verification off browser is a strong security measure. So on Chrome I live with it.

How do I stay logged into a website in Firefox?

To stay logged in to the websites in Firefox go to Settings - Privacy & Security - Cookies and Site Data - UNCHECK THE BOX for - Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed. Also if you are using any cleaning software be sure to make exception for Firefox.Apr 16, 2023

Found that online…
I do not use FF myself… prefer Chrome.

Good luck

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Brave browser on mobile is what I use. It works great and offers privacy and options to be compensated for the advertising it throws at you.


Firefox/Mint without syncing and no issues.

That’s #1 to check. Let us know if it helps.

I have Delete Cookies on close unchecked and have had it set that way for at least 10 years, maybe more.

I do not have syncing enabled.

I just deleted the growingfruit cookie and now logged back in. Did not help.

I’ve found a bit more about this problem. If I click on my link to open growingfruit, then click the reload button, the forum loads normally. Only when first opened from my bookmark does it show me logged out.

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Try deleting the bookmark and then logging in, then create a new bookmark while logged in. I know in Chrome it sometimes attempts to load an old (expired) session cookie for bookmarks even if there was a newer (active) session cookie for that website since the bookmark was made. I don’t know if Firefox does the same thing.

Brave is really nice.

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Sounds like the book mark is the problem, I almost always use firefox and I have never heard of the ‘Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed’, maybe it’s the fact that I use firefox nightly, and not their normal browser.