Earli Rich Peach

Does anyone know anything about this peach? I bought it at Sam’s club. It’s delicious! I can’t find any information about it anywhere.


It seems like “Early Rich” has been a commercial variety from California for a while. I don’t know if the name is misspelled, or it is a different peach.

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Thanks! That’s probably it. Earli was the way they spelled it in the box. The box didn’t say anything about it being red fleshed, which was a great surprise.

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Looks like a pêche de vigne, red fleshed Australian , Spanish or french red fleshed peach

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Do red fleshed peach share the same richness off flavor? If so, I need to start growing some ASAP! If was amazing!

Box says YELLOW flesh

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Real red fleshed peaches are not easy to find in the States . Some of the varieties in France are bland and meant for pickling. The others are very sweet , juicy, and just the best. They have a peach-berry flavor.

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Peach looks great and similar to Rich May which is another peach from Zaiger Genetics

Rich May is my first peach to ripen in NC but is often frosted out.

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Actually the correct spelling is Earlirich, no space. It’s fairly common for fruit marketers to misspell cultivar names.

As Rick mentions, Earlirich and Rich May are both creations of Floyd Zaiger.

Here are the patents for Earlirich and Rich May (also known as Flavor Rich).



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Thanks @Olpea. Is the red flesh common for this variety or I just picked an odd one? Sad that is only a commercial variety, the taste was very complex.

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Never mind, I just read the description of it, it describes the red flesh. I’m just wondering why they didn’t display it in the box. It would certainly attract more people to try it.

You might be surprised. Here, people like traditional yellow fleshed peaches. Red in the flesh is generally considered a drawback in peach breeding. I’ve had red fleshed peaches before and some customers don’t like them. I had one customer who told me she couldn’t get over the image she was eating blood, lol.


I know one thing for certain…it has a bite out of it. Thats all i got, sorry.