Early and late harvesting for stone fruits "All zone"

This is in reference from my other topic( Very early and very late variety list of “Stone” fruit - General Fruit Growing - Growing Fruit) but this time it is for all zoning. Cherries are already known for May-June, please share if there is July ripening time?

Early (May to 1st-2nd week of June)
Late (4th week of Sept. to Oct. up to Nov.)

For the members that would like to share information please post the ff:

Zoning/state/location: 9b/N. California/Sacramento
Early ripening:
Sauzee Swirl-4th week of May- Early June

Late ripening:
Autumn Jade Plum Oct-Nov

This topic will benefit a lot of members who wants to prolong their harvest season. Also please provide if you tried certain fruits but didn’t ripen on time d/t early frost, this will help other people with the same zone not to plant the fruit tree.

“Full and partial sun can also affect harvest time and zoning”

To start off the topic here is my list

9b/N. California/Sacramento

Sorriso di primavera J. plum-possibly May?
Red beaut J. plum-possibly May-June
Sauzee swirl Peach 4th week May-June “confirmed”
Desert dawn Nectarine May-June
May pride Peach May-June
Springtime Peach May?

Octoberfest Peach Sept-Oct
Emerald beauty J. plum Sept-Oct
Autumn jade J. plum Oct-Nov
Flavor finale Pluot Sept-Oct.
Fall Fiesta Pluot Sept-Oct.
Flavorfall Pluot Sept-Oct?
Coes golden E. plum Sept-Oct
Anna Spath E. plum Sept-Oct
White Heath Peach Sept-Oct.
Halloween peach Oct

I can’t provide the weeks as of this time because I haven’t harvested myself, these are all from research but I will update once I started harvesting the fruit myself.

My experience with peaches has been that a midseason cultivar in Fresno can be a first-in-season in San Diego, etc.

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What varieties is it Richard? That is a big difference.

There are multiple. In some thread on peaches and threads about other fruits on this site other members have observed season-shifting in a variety of directions. You might want reduce the scope of your project to cultivars that are “season constant”.

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Ah ok thank you. Will try to update this once i get more info. Yes, that is true especially with global warming.