Early jujube results in Dallas

Out of the dozen or so varieties I have growing, I’d put Winter Delight #1, Li #2. I was ready to pull out my Li’s 5 years ago as they were bland. Now in their 8-10th leaf the fruit is big and tasty.

Maybe due to older trees? Or because I give them more water in summer? Or our mild winter this year? Wish I knew.

Thanks for the report.
Hopefully your Li tastes better because of the environment, not the age. Having to wait 8-10 yeras for my jujubes’ taste to reach their peak would really test my patience :grin:

Thank you for the 2015 report Bob.
How did Shanxi Li and Redlands#4 do this year? I wonder why some nurseries discontinued Winter Delight and Autumn Beauty. Maybe not as cold hardy enough?

Shanxi Li tasted good, were about 20% larger than Li, tree wasn’t as productive as Li. Li had a great year, i liked their taste a bit better than Shanxi Li.

I moved my Redlands to my new house, no production this year.

When I bought Winter Delight & Autumn beauty, they were being offered by Just Fruits & Exotics, & One Green World. Story from JFE is they were buying them from an importer, who stopped offering them; JFE wasnt sure or didnt remember why. Cold doesn’t bother them here in 7b/8a Dallas

This year my Li are quite large and the HJ are the smaller ones in the back.


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so happy you could get them to fruit like that in zone 5.
all nurseries have come across ‘label’ them as zone sixers at the minimum!

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How do you like Li?

Li is a good, large, and sweet jujube but not as sweet as HJ. It doesn’t have that sharp crunch like HJ or SC. My wife said it has an apple type of a crunch due to the large size.


JFE couldn’t find the Mango Dong Zho (Winter Delight) that I paid for and had to canceled my order. Lucky Cliff England had Winter Delight scion wood for sale. I’m planning to graft it on to own roots Tigertooth to decrease the suckering.

exactly how i felt the past two years, until one of the good members here started broadcasting budwood before selling his property(where his trees were located).
below is a thread i saw just now, but if englands should run out of winter d when you call, i’d hopefully have extras for out-of-state folks by spring of 2018. The offer may be in the distant future, but may be a last resort/reassurance.

Actually my Winter Delight is at an office building I still own, so I can supply wood this winter. Also Shihong & Autumn Beauty


didn’t want to divulge your good name, but i guess you are still stepping up to the plate!
a big thank you, as always!

Thanks for the info. and looking forward to your 2016 jujube taste report as you did last two years