Early Magic Plum

Does anyone have any photos of this cultivar besides the 1-2 photos on google?

I am trying to find a way to obtain a tree of this variety - unfortunately I am not good at grafting (my first attempt resulted in all my apple trees only being half fused, and broke off and died).

Would someone be willing to graft me a tree and mail it to me if I pay them for it? Whatever rootstock it performs best on, that tolerates clay. Please let me know, I really want this variety!!

If you can find the wood I can always graft it for you on American plum. It’ll be about 20-25 bucks including shipping. I see you’re in New York.


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Appreciate the offer! Is plum scion gathered in winter while it’s dormant? Or do I have to wait to request it until next summer?

Gathered late winter per the climate.



Reviving an old thread- did you ever find any scion for this CV? I have looked for two years to no avail. Curious if you have had any better luck?

Boyer Nurseries lists it in their bare root trees.

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Thank you, Palmer. I sincerely appreciate your feedback.

Unfortunately, Boyer Nurseries has not had it available the last two seasons (including this upcoming season).

That said, I sincerely appreciate your reply- thank you!

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Boyer Nursery is the only nursery I know of that offers the tree, but both this year and last they had zero success with their trees so none are available this year yet again :frowning: I’m still waiting for one.

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Thank you for your reply- I suppose I’ll be waiting along with you!

Thanks again, and have a great weekend.


I have it. It is very much the middle of the road for plums, a perfectly fine but not exceptional plum. If it was not early it would have been gone a long time ago but I still keep it to get a few early plums. I should have wood if you want to trade, send a PM.

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Goodness, what a list!!!

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Janet, with such an extensive collection, I’m interested to hear which varieties stand out as your favorites?

I was supposed to send that as a private message, glad you pointed that out! My trees are all too young as it’s a new orchard, nothing is bearing yet, so I can’t answer your question but I hope to in the future :slight_smile:

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