Early Yellow Fleshed Nectarines

I was going to get Easternglo from Adams County Nursery, but I was just informed that the don’t have them in stock because they are moving way from them in favor of Avalon and Nectafest. Any comments or recommendations, especially for east coast growers?

Haven’t tried those yet. The question is why they are moving away? I’m glad you posted this. They sent me an inventory list that was totally incomplete and didn’t include those nect varieties.

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Haven’t tried those yet.
[/quote]Darn, I was hoping you had some experience with them. It was some of your old posts that got me interested in Easternglo. I missed the part where the rep said they are new offerings from ACN.

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The question is why they are moving away?
[/quote]The rep said they got really good feedback from growers on the new varieties. She didn’t say why they want to phase out Easternglo. Either the new varieties are better for east coast conditions or it is a case of supporting the home teams. Easternglo was developed by Zaiger in California. NectaFest was developed by USDA-ARS in West Virginia. Avalon was developed at Rutgers in New Jersey.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the variety, it the nect performs well here, isn’t advertised as low acid and ripens when EG does it will probably be really good. The reason EG is a standout for me is its early ripening, I have other nects that are a tad better. Send me a stamped addressed envelope and I’ll send you some EG wood after your tree is established.

What variety has you grown? I have Easternglo if you still want to graft it.

I picked this one 5 days before its ripening date (based on last year’s harvest date). Brix was only 12. The area that has more red in the flesh was sweeter. The domineering taste was acid. Those who love high acid nectarines, you probably will love this variety.

I still have several on the tree. I will wait until they fully ripen. I hope that they will be sweeter. I am not a fan of fruit with high acid.


Thanks, but I already grafted it a couple years ago. It’s the only early one I have. For main season I have Hardired, Sunglo, and Mericrest. For late I have Fantasia. Hopefully I get taste of Easternglo in the next week.

Your specimen looks excellent and, If I recall correctly, you have commented on this being acidic before. Maybe it would be good if brix was in the upper teens? The low sugar on yours is more typical of a peach.

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Last year, mine dropped fruit on Aug 12. But last year we had very wet summer. Most of my fruit ripened in the summer tasted diluted. This one was still acidic even with all the rain.

People who like high acid of sour cherries or sone blueberry varieties probably will like this one.

I hope to pick mine around Aug 12-15.

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Mine are tangy but they have enough sugar to be good. I was shocked when they tested 19 brix. They definitely are more acidic than the average nectarine. I like it though. The flavor is very intense.

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I had a rgood one today (meaning closer to ripe than the last couple I had earlier). It was definitely sweeter with some acid, You call it tangy. I call it acidic.

I tried to pick the rest but they did not come off easily so I let them alone. This is a good time for fruit to ripen. We have had mostly dry and sunny weather for several weeks. I may have Easyernglo at it beat this year.

Something already took the bite of the first ripe one this morning.

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