Easy way to search for patents

Sometimes you can find patent info in Google etc. but if you are unsuccessful there is a “more sophisticated” way.
I use Community Plant Variety Office, they have huge database of all kinds of plants and patents related to them.
Just go to Databases tab->CPVO Variety Finder->Request Access
After you create login you can enter the database by going to CPVO Variety Finder and “CPVO extranet”
From there you enter CPVO Variety Finder and you can start searching for varieties

After typing in the variety name you can see different information like patent application date, status, expiration date etc.
You get this info for all countries where the patent was applied for. This way you can find out that although Honeycrisp apple
patent is expired in USA it’s still valid in EU until ~2030 etc. You can also export this data to Excel etc.
Example for Flavorich pluot
Flavorich.xls (29.5 KB)


Honey crisp is valid in Canada till 2019.
We have a similar site in Canada incase anyone else is from here. It is under the website of the Canadian Food Inspection. inspection.gc.ca

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