Eden Crab report (Etter variety)

Ok, I have begun harvesting from my Eden tree. This is the first year of a full crop. I got it as a bench graft from Ram Fishman at Greenmantle at least 5 years ago. (maybe 10, I don’t remember). These are definitely the most unusual apples I have ever eaten. Mostly they taste like Lychee. Also very nutty, very sweet slightly tart. In addition they have a pronounced grape flavor. If you sampled them blindfolded you would say they are a cross between a Lychee and a very rich wine grape without the tannin. I guess they kinda have a malty flavor what I mean is the concentrated malted barley that home brewers use. Wickson has similar flavor.
Eden tastes somewhat similar to Wickson to me but more intense I guess. They also seem slightly larger. I was planning to spice and pickle them but they are too good so we will probably eat them all fresh. I also grow Wickson but at least this year I like eden better. My Wickson is a shy bearer but that could certainly be because of pruning, location or who knows what. Eden seemed to not be bothered by fungus or bugs too much.
This year the eden tree is loaded. A bumper crop. I have never tried to store them so we’ll see how that goes.