Edible Bull Thistle

This is a new one for me. Any of you heard of this?

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Peal these Early they get tough , but people use in soups woody.

Unless you do not have tools (or a shovel or knife, and in clay soil)

I sometimes use a Burdock leave to rub off thorns
it will prick you, but got to work the base first,
and then hold the base of stalk
while rubbing the burdock up the stalk or other large leaf to remove the spines.

You can use Layers of burdock leaves

You can eat like celery.

Here is some pictures of other thistle
(chicago botanical Garden Didn’t know of that native looked similar, but under leaves are white )


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I peeled and ate a bull thistle stem once. The flavor and texture was good. Just not good enough to be worth the time spent carefully peeling.


You may find grub in stem I did,
but it was older just past flowering (I think, but it was tough & woody)

I did However eat a grub or 2 on long bike ride with grub under log dry roasted in a mess kit
they’re so good taste like concentrated fish.

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(I do that pealing bare hand but

Maybe you Should Get gloves , and get a wad of tree roots to rub off the spines off early bull thistle while still tender or some type of other weed root.

Bull thistle is related to Artichoke
Marilyn Monroe is queen of the Artichoke
I hope that makes me King of the thistle …

By the way Never knew how good high quality canned Artichoke was (canned in France)
can make food have a creamy mild cheese taste.

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Johanns Garden
I wasn’t even looking for this Info, but In the Seattle area here’s some species listed.


Seattle native Thistle mixup
Cirsium brevistylum Cronq. 1953
Cirsium edule Nutt. 1841
COMPOSITÆ; Sunflower Family

Oh I guess I also saw a grub in the stem of
European seed head weevil, Larvae

This is the video I tried to post.