Edible or Cooking Plums with Pink Blossoms

Hello Everyone,

My partner made a request of me and I didn’t know the answer so I’m asking everyone for the power of combined knowledge.

What are the edible plums (or plums you could use for jams or cooking) which have pink/red colored blossoms?

Almost every plum in my orchard has white blossoms but I know there are at least a handful out there where the red/purple pigments exist in the blossoms as well as the leaves, skin, and fruit flesh. Hollywood is the only one we have currently. What are some you have experience with?


Thundercloud plum has pink blossoms and has edible cherry plums. Though, I do not know if it fruits regularly.

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I saw that one on a scion search. Have you eaten it? What does it taste like?

I haven’t but I asked someone who has one and they said they are sweet tasting. Maybe someone else here who has one can confirm?

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I also found Nichols Red Leaf Plum which is a “delicious” edible apparently but can’t find any information on the bloom color. Maybe some here has one of those.

No experience with it, but ‘Hollywood’ is another edible, pink-flowered option:

Cocheco is also red/purple leaf. Though I cannot find any information on blossom color.

I grow Hollywood plum. It has pink flowers, dark red leaves, and plums that are dark red inside and out. They have a wonderful rich flavor and they make my favorite plum jam. You cant buy jam like that in the stores!

The photos are Hollywood. It doesn’t look that pink, but next to a white flowered tree the pink color really shows.
image image


We have a Purple Leaf Plum - Thundercloud (I think) and we are in 8b. It fruits every year and the plums are small (1") and very red - very much like cherries. They are edible but tart - I just tried them once but have not tried to do anything with them - they are mostly high up in the tree.

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@markshancock Thundercloud makes good jam. I have crimson pointe - nice flavor, not a lot of flesh. Early blooming and I think early bearing, But I like Hollywood a lot better,