Egg sac and bug id help

Hi, everyone! Bug id, please! I found these under my fig leaf!

Looks like ladybug eggs to my wife- you’re in luck!


Found these on another leaf! Yikes!

Are those black ones larvae?

I think they are larvae, but I don’t think they go with ladybugs, at least from the pictures I saw in a cursory search.

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Richard, black bugs

They don’t look like lady bugs. Those long antennas… can u zoom it in a little and take a closer look

Here’s my favorite bug ID site:

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Courtney, I agree they aren’t lady bugs. Richard’s given you an excellent link and I think they’ll be a better guide than I could, so I’ll leave you with that. In short, I’m no entomologist! Keep us posted.

Courtney, egg sacs are an entirely different formation made by insects and by spiders. You have an egg cluster.

I looked at the full-size image of your bugs and can see the tell-tale white bands in the antennae of these bug nymphs. This is a key identifier of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, an extreme pest insect. The egg cluster is also typical for this species.

A flash photo or regular photo with the bug-side turned toward daylight may reveal more details.

The full-sized adult is a largish brown stink bug with distinctive white bands on antennae and legs, you may have been seeing these also.


Larry, ty so much! I had a bad feeling upon seeing those! You narrowed it down for me. Thanks for your eagle eyes!

Larry, do u think these are lady bugs?

Those are young stinkbugs I believe

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Those are all first instar BMSB nymphs.

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