Elderberry Varieties

I’m really not sure. I walked through my Elders a little while ago and I saw a lot of bloom overlap between varieties. All plants in 4th year.

I do see a huge difference in the bloom and fruit maturity between the plants that were cut to the ground and the ones that were not.

I understand that cross pollination between varieties should improve pollination but at least moderate pollination should take place without it.

I see lots of fruit on the wild plants growing along the roadside in my area with no real cross pollination.

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my johns and wild elder are in full bloom and york is just starting. i may have johns and york reversed . at least they’re overlapping bloom some. i had wylewood and bob gordon 4 yrs ago that never completely ripened for me so i pulled them. too bad as they would have been heavy producers. i have a marge planted near each but someone on here said marge is a pure euro that’s self fruitful. I’ve read its a American/ euro cross but i guess that was proven wrong.

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York and Johns are similar here in central NC. The midwest varieties like Wyldewood and Bob Gordon seem to be plagued by mite problems.

I found an old report from Cornell from the 60’s that makes me think perhaps virus problems may be a problem on Elderberries. No virus free repository exists to provide a source of clean plants at this time. A paper presented in 2019 discussed the virus problem with a lot of pictures. Both of the researchers on the publication have retired and and as far as I can tell, very little research on Elderberry virus problems is taking place.

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This Pete has exactly the same issue.

i haven’t seen this here. nothing really bothers mine so far.

good to hear. Some of my plants look sick this year and did not set fruit
The university plant lab did not detect any virus problems last year

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I’ve found about a dozen elderberry seedlings, which must be from my York/Nova/Missouri “select” (a seedling I selected from a bundle from Missouri conservation). The strange thing is I never see them in my garden beds or other in-ground plantings. They are always in my container grown figs, seedling rootstock and other potted plants. I’m tempted to grow some out since they seem to be from my plants which should have good genetics. But I just don’t have the space.

What do others see from seedlings popping up?