Emerald Blueberry leaf burn

I got a new blueberry plant (Emerald variety), transplanted it to a bigger pot and fertilized with ammonium sulfate (1tbsp for 2 gallons of water). After a day or two I see that some of the leaves are drying out (photo attached). The temperature has been around 85 to 90, and it gets partial sun. Is this fertilizer burn or transplant shock or something else?

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It’s probably fertilizer burn. Cut the concentration in half and make sure you water enough that it doesn’t build up in the media. I’m using less than a teaspoon per gallon at most waterings but also leaching with plain rainwater every once in a while.

Your plant should recover fine. I’ve done the same before and after leaching out the media they took off.


Thanks, I ll do that!

Sometimes buying plants that have been sitting under shade cloth and
putting them in full sun can cause leaf scorch…
possible that’s the cause.

Seems rather late in the season to apply fertilizer?

Yeah this could be the issue as well

Yes, some leaves were looking discolored, so thought I could just do it once as part of the transplant. The same leaves are burnt, so it may have been that they were not getting sunlight in the nursery but suddenly got it.


I’ve given all my blueberry plants both a light nitrogen and a organic balanced fertilizer that has elemental sulphur…in the last 30 days since fruiting ended. I desire more vigor in the young canes.
(So far haven’t killed any…but I guess an early hard freeze could damage them.)

This spring I had some young canes die. So I decided to stop fertilizing August 1st. . Still I have canes growing so it didn’t really make much of a difference. I too desired more growth so they got a lot of fertilizer. I use organic so it may just be working longer. I did get super good growth this year. It may be just me but Hollytone worked better that the crack like Ammonium sulfate. I probably was too cautious with it. I tried to boost growth last year with AS and growth was not great. Cara’s Choice doubled in size this year, amazing! My favorite for flavor out of the 11 cultivars I grow.


Maybe I should try Cara’s Choice. I did add Hannah’s Choice and also some Rabbiteyes this year.

The Emerald…they have loads of them at the big box store…but they are a zone 8-10 plant. Might try one if they mark 'em half off.

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Yes for half off why not?
I need to try Hannah’s Choice. I think his name is Elliot who developed both of these and pink lemonade, legacy, helped trial Raz which is also an awesome blueberry. I don’t think it tastes much like raspberries, although a few did. The flavor is excellent it produces a lot and it’s a huge healthy bush. Gradual ripening on this one. Good for upicks. Anyway Elliot was asked if he had to pick one…he picked Cara’s.

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