Emerald Carpet Raspberry

Bought these 2 years ago and I decided to plant them but would like to know if the tips will root a new plant if touching the ground?


I guess it won’t? what I have found on line says “Not Invasive” but I’m not sure if that mean it won’t root if the tip gets cover with dirt, does it?

Never heard of it. Looks like creeping Charlie!

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I would assume that any Rubus would root when buried. I think not invasive means it does not form an underground rizome with adventurous daughter roots.

These creeping raspberries will root at any stem node where conditions are favorable: loose soil, moisture, etc. The tips themselves do not normally root, as it takes the weight of the whole stem to cause a node to touch soil. Commonly seen here filling 4-foot wide parking strips solidly from what I assume were just a few starter plants.

I tried those up in SF from the botanical garden, made an orange colored raspberry type fruit and it tasted excellent! I bought a plant but it eventually died on me. I hope you get fruit from it.

Those look cool. I like Rubus plants, many types are around.I have to try these sometime.

Speedster, That was my first thought also! Creeping Charlie is a particular curse for me, it grows low and tight, nearly evergreen here, and I have it everywhere. This Emerald Carpet is attractive tho and could be useful as a landscape filler. I saw only 1 mention of berries, but nothing of them being edible.

Thanks for all the replies I’ll be selective on the place to plant them.