Encouraging wild berries as ground covers

At my cabin, I have wild strawberries growing as a ground cover, pretty much on gravel. There are some growing around some shrubs that I have planted and have been fertilizing. I have noticed that the berries in these areas are larger than the unfertilized ones growing in gravel. I would like the strawberries to become a ground cover in that area of the garden. Anything I can do to encourage this? As well, I have found wild artic raspberries that I am transplanting to my currant garden to grow as a ground cover there. I am also fertilizing them. It is quite a large area, so I would say it will take awhile to fill in - and probably more transplants. Has this worked for anyone else? Also wondering about fertilizing the wild raspberry patch. - perhaps I could get better yields if I take care of it? Any experience with any of these?


i have cultivated arctic raspberries and wild type cultivated strawberries i grew from the Strawberry Store planted all over my property. they have spread quickly with no input from me. some marginal spots, like the gravel areas, probably would benefit from fertilizer/ watering but unless your soil is poor, the other areas should grow fine. if you want to grow improved wild type strawberries for consumption, check out the Strawberry Store or you could even grow the larger cultivars if you are willing to fertilize them and water them a little. good luck!

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