End of the line

I’m all but out of last year’s apples. Ate the last of the Liberties about a couple of days ago. They held up pretty well, but the texture was mealy. Still good snap, juicy, flavorful, but w/o that signature sharpness, of course.

I brought up the one bag of four Jonagolds I got this year, but had to pitch them. They were soft, going brown, not appetizing at all. But one had a good spot that I sampled and it was terrific. Usually Jonagolds hold up well for me, but for some reason this year they let me down.

So now I’m down to half a dozen Prairie Spy, a big apple known for good keeping. In the past I’ve had mixed results with PS, i.e., it has tasted terrible! But this year the apple redeemed itself. Firm, juicy, crisp, great texture, sharp, flavorful, and really, really tasty in a good way. I know that @clarkinks grows this apple and I’m interested in hearing about his results this year, and of course anybody else’s too.

And that’s that. In a few days we’ll be eating grocery store apples again. Who knows, if the gummit sends me more money I might even buy a couple of Cosmic Crisp and try them- they’re availble here now, but for $2.99 a pound I hesitate.



Great to hear about your Prarie spy finally turning around!

Buy one Cosmic crisp and see if its worth it. The first round that went out was absolutely fantastic and this last batch has been just good (which was very dissapointing for me)


It is an excellent apple here @marknmt but the sizes are very different with some very large , others medium, some smaller on the same tree.
That is somewhat true of any apple but not like this. My other apples are 95% the same size. As far as flavor goes they are excellent.


Thanks, bro. Good to hear from you. Take care and stay in touch!

I have a lot of variability in apple sizes too, but all my PS, Caville Blanc and JG are large. Cameos are pretty consistent, but Liberty, Karmijn de Sonnaville, and Rubinette have been variable.


We just had our first taste of Cosmic Crisp a few weeks ago and I was impressed. Are these trees still only available for growers in Washington?


I was going to grab one, but it looks like that is still the case.

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Last year I had some good Cosmic Crisps. This year I was excited to try them again, but they turned out to be watery and sour with the texture of styrofoam. They are currently on sale here for $1.77lb. Not looking good for the new darling of Washington state.


See and that is opposite of my experience last year the non organic ones had a real strange taste on the skin but this year the first batch from the store was just fantastic and maybe the best grocery store apples I have bought? It tastes tree ripened but maybe it was some promo where they were shipped out perfectly tree ripe to drum up demand. This second batch my grocer got in has been a lot more meh.

Today I ate my last squash I grew and it was pretty insipid honestly


Not sure what they’re supposed to taste like but I just got some Cosmic Crisp from a small grocer here (Dean’s Produce in Millbrae, CA for anyone local).

They’re very crisp, bordering on hard. Full flavor with what I would describe as a balance of sweet and tang, also quite juicy. Too tart for my wife’s taste, but her style are Fuji so that’s a pretty sweet frame of reference. These are also pretty big, so with the bite and bold flavor, each one is a meal. I’d buy them again.

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I bought a 3# bag of EverCrisp. One apple has been in the front seat of my truck for 5 months…not in garage either. It’s still not rotten…although it might be slightly ‘cooked’ from heat. Just sweet…not a lot else. Still, I’m impressed by it’s keeping abilities!


how do you store them ?

I bag them in poly bread bags, seal tightly with a twist tie, and put them in a fridge at nearly the freezing point.

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Thanks. I’ll try that.