English Morello cherry ripening date?

I’m trying to decide whether or not to order an English Morello tart charry. I really want a traditional Morello-type pie cherry, but I’m concerned about a late ripening date and SWD. I have Montmorency, Surefire, and Carmine Jewel tart cherries that don’t seem to be bothered by SWD but they all ripen fairly early. Raintree says English Morello ripens in August, at the end of the cherry season. Does anyone have experience with an English Morello ripening date in relation to Montmorency?

My understanding is something like 6 weeks after Montmorency…
I’ve always wanted English Morello…but never could find it when I was ordering things. Right now I don’t really have room for it. I have sour cherries passed from grandparents in the 1950’s…very sour…not sure of ID on them, but they sometimes ripen in late May in z. 6b. With late strawberries such as Tennessee Beauty or Sparkle.

Montmorency…the juice is pale. But, as I recall, they tasted pretty good right from the tree.
Haven’t eaten them fresh in many years.

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