Envy Apple

My wife bought me a bag of Envy Apple from Sam’s Club. This is truly a great apple. I hope they sell this variety for US to grow some day.


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Another syndicated variety. Haven’t had this one. Seems like fantastic apple varieties are popping up every year now. Makes me wonder how everyone does so much right now whereas 75 years ago 1 decent variety came along once a decade if that. None as good as any of the new introductions these days imo.

It’s a Braeburn - Royal Gala cross and it looks just like it’s parents.

None of us are likely to be growing any of these club apples any time soon…if ever.

Envy, Opal, Pinata, Aurora, Zestar … two or three others I can’t think of off the top of my head. They tend to be expensive and I’m cheap so I haven’t tried them all. In addition to those we carry all the standards you would expect, and some in organic as well. Over 20 varieties at the moment.

We need a parallel syndicate to bribe people to send us scions of these syndicate varieties. By us I mean this forums regulars only :smile:

I agree. :heart_eyes:

Others I’ve tried: SweeTango (awesome!), Koki (or something like that…not that great), Junami (fantastic), Jazz (so-so)…I’ve tried others also…can’t think of them at the moment.

I cut open 3 Envy apples and there were no seeds. Any explanation? I was hoping to start a seedling from this variety.

Somebody on GW mentioned a while back about an old apple that didn’t produce seeds. Can’t remember the name. I do know that when I looked it up (whatever the variety was) it made no mention of being “seedless”.

There is an old Russian variety called Michurin’s seedless (Bessemyanka Michurina). The scion wood is available through ARS.

I looked into the Russian description of the Michurin’s seedless apple and it said that it often has no seeds or very few seeds (1-2 per apple).

That may very well have been it…name sounds right.

I finally cut open one with 6 seeds inside. Hopefully, one of these seedlings will turn out close to the Envy apple in about 5-7 years from now. In my other trial, the Kiku apple seedling is about 7 feet tall and in its third leaf. Hopefully, it will fruit in a few more years.


Bloomless is said to be seedless, on ars as well.

Wellington Bloomless is an apple I grafted last spring from ARS. It is also supposed to be seedless. I suspect that is just because it doesn’t get pollinated due to a lack of flower petals. So, once I have it bearing well (could be a few years), I’ll hand pollinate a branch as an experiment to see if that branch alone has seeds.

Yeah, that’s the bloomless I mentioned/ment on ars, I will be requesting it next year among others.